Would you like to learn (once & for all) to:

  • turn down the volume on stress, anxiety, overwhelm, low moods,  and that mean inner critic?

  • turn up the volume on being grounded, joyful, & kinder to yourself, & learn how to truly ‘be on your own side’?

  • manage your mind, emotions, and actions in the most helpful way possible for yourself and others?

  • make peace with difficult events in your present life or lingering from your past?

  • heal and grow?

If so, I truly believe I can help you.

I have over 12,000 hours experience in the past 14 years helping over  2000 people from a wide variety of backgrounds as a Therapist, Supervisor & Life Coach.

Issues & Conditions I specialise in:

  • Being Human
  • Life Transitions
  • Anxiety, Fear, Worry & Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Career Counselling & Coaching
  • Coming Out as LGBTQIA
  • Loss & Bereavement
  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Mental Health Conditions: Generalised Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, OCD, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Specific Phobias, PTSD, Trauma

Please feel free to contact me today to set up a no pressure / no fee initial 25 minute consultation to see if working together could be helpful for you.