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CBT tools for anxiety

Learn neuroscience based CBT tools to manage anxiety, gain confidence and get clarity in just 8-16 meetings

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Welcome to CBT Central London. I'm Justin.

Deep lasting change is far easier than most people (and therapists) think. My passion and expertise is helping people make deep, lasting changes in their lives as quickly as possible.Using the latest applied neuroscience, CBT, CFT and Coaching, it is possible to rewire your brain so that your Alarm system (anxiety, overwhelm, low mood) is turned way down & the relationship you have with yourself is greatly improved. I learned to do this. You can too. On average this takes between 8 and 16 meetings. Over the last 16 years, I have developed a method that works, is even fun, and lasts. There are 4 steps.


'Test Drive'

We meet in my video consultation room. If we are a great fit, we make a plan.

Lower Alarm

You learn how our human brains work, and how to manage anxiety / overwhelm.

You to You

I help you to develop a kind, supportive relationship with yourself. Critic to Champion!


You gain clarity of where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Test Drive Appointment’ is a no pressure / no cost 30-60 minute meeting in my video consulting room. During this time I will ask you what you are seeking help with, and then at the end, if I truly believe I can help you learn neuroscience backed and evidence based tools to transform your life, I will propose a concrete plan of action. If at the end of your ‘Test Drive”, I feel that my approach is not the best fit for what you are seeking, I will be honest with and may make suggestions of colleagues I work with. To book a test drive appointment, please email me with your earliest and latest evening availability for the next two weeks at

​I know personally what it is like to receive unhelpful and even bad therapy / coaching. I only want the people I meet to have outstanding life changing experiences. For this to happen I only choose to work with someone when we both agree that we are an excellent fit in terms of personality, approach and medium. When this happens, the chance of realizing deep and lasting life change goes up dramatically and the time it takes to ahcieve this change is also greatly shortened. 

CBT stands for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CFT means for Compassion Focused Therapy. BCC is a credential for coaches that are Board Certified . 

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is the latest cutting edge Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) at its best. People often see dramatic changes in their lives in a very short period of time.

Traditionally CBT & CFT were only accessible to those who had a diagnosable mental health condition, which unnecessarily excluded a large segment of the population from having access to these life changing transformative tools.

I take a neuroscience and evidence informed approach in everything I do. I believe that people are generally over diagnosed with ‘disorders’ (a word I hate) that can be better made sense of in my opinion as struggles in life. In addition to CBT, I also actively encourage movement as studies have repeatedly shown that moving our bodies is an extremely effective way to manage and overcome low mood, anxiety and overwhelm (and often equally effective as medication without any known negative side effects). 

Whether offered as a psychological therapy or as part of coaching, a compassion focused approach can be thought of as a  ‘Physio for the Mind’ or a ‘Personal Mind/ Heart Trainer’ which incorporates the best of the old with the best of the new.

OLD = timeless, tried and tested practices including mindfulness, breath training, and imagery practices which have helped fellow human beings and our human ancestors for thousands of years.

NEW = applied understanding of the latest neuroscience, evidence based practice and scientifically informed.  My practice is founded on an evolutionary understanding of what it means to be human, with an often difficult to manage human mind & teaches people how to become aware of the different ways their older brain (reptile, mammal and primate) and newer brain (human) interact.

CFT, CBT and Coaching can teach you how to use your newer brain (also referred to as our ‘awareness’ or consciousness) to manage our older brain as well as some very old instinctual responses of fight / flight or freeze. Self (and other) compassion is a totally teachable skill that when practiced can transform individual lives, organizations, families and our world.  

Lastly, I don’t believe therapy goes far enough, which is why I trained as a coach and include this as part of my regular offerings. 


The vast majority of people I work with experience lasting results within 8-16 meetings. It is incredibly rare for me to meet with someone more than 16 sessions.

I am recognized by all the major private insurers to provide CBT Therapy. I will invoice directly on your behalf according to the fee schedule of your insurer. For those that are self funding, we would work together to agree a fee that is fair to us both. 

Accreditation: I am fully accredited with the BABCP as a CBT Therapist and accredited and registered with the BACP as a Counsellor and Therapist. I am also a Board Certified Coach (BCC). In addition I am one of under 100 people worldwide to have completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Compassion Focused Therapy at University of Derby.

Experience: I have worked for over 16 years in the NHS, in University settings, in the voluntary sector as a supervisor and trainer, as well as providing supervision to therapists for their clinical work. I have been in private practice since 2006. 

As a trained therapist and trained coach, I am to help you receive the best of therapy and the best of coaching. There is no extra cost for this service. In my experience, providing coaching following therapy results in clients not only feeling better, but also feeling better than they ever did before starting sessions.