Gratefully received comments from  ‘happy clients’  in 2018 

‘Totally life changing!’

‘Justin really knows his stuff and this makes for a really trusting relationship. His approach is full of incite, compassion and fun! This was my first experience of this type of therapy and I think his approach is excellent in terms of its scientific credibility and how he explains the old and the new brain. I found the results so empowering and they allow me to be be kind to myself and others. It sounds crazy but it makes you feel like you have a secret power over everyone else! I would not hesitate in recommending Justin.’ 

‘At first Justin’s use of a secure online video seemed a bit odd but it actually worked really well. It meant I could do sessions at home in a comfortable environment and allowed me to balance it with other commitments including work and looking after my newborn son. I think this medium is the way forward.’

‘I could not have been happier in my decision to choose Justin as my therapist. Justin was very intuitive to my individual needs and also referenced evolutionary theory and neuroscience and linked it back to modern society. This really helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was. Not only did I learn to manage my anxiety symptoms but I have a greater understanding of the impact our bodies has on our minds and vice versa.’

‘I started therapy with severe levels of anxiety and was also facing frequent panic attacks on the London Underground. Now I feel so much happier and healthier and this truly is a testament to Justin as a therapist. I was even able to overcome two MRI scans (for anyone that knows me, that is a milestone!) despite suffering with claustrophobia all my life.’

‘Justin strikes the right balance between helping you to look back on past experiences in a kind and supportive way and also preparing you with the tools and techniques to manage life in the present – which in turn sets up solid foundations for the future. It is for all these reasons that I could not recommend Justin highly enough and I am so thankful that I was able to get the help I really needed.’