Initial Meetings (‘Test Driving’)

My hope as a Therapist, Supervisor and Coach is to help you get the support, challenge and change you need, in the most helpful way for you, with whatever is going on in your life.

I aim to do this with you as equal partners as quickly as possible to save you money & time. In a nutshell, It is my job to put myself out of a job ASAP and help you to get the outcome you want & deserve.

This could be helping you get  out of any pits you may find yourself in (and we all fall into pits as fellow human beings). Equally it may be to help you climb the mountains of your dreams. There is no ‘OR’ here. It can be both as well. You are in the driving seat.

Prior to agreeing to work together, whether for CBT / CFT Therapy, Coaching,   or Supervision,  I offer and recommend we meet for a 30 minute, no cost and no pressure meeting (using military grade encrypted video software) to give you the opportunity to ask any questions & for us to see if working together will meet your needs.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of feeling comfortable with the person you choose and their approach. I encourage people to consider Therapy, Coaching or Supervision services like they would an automobile purchase. It is worth test driving a few different vehicles to see which feels right.

In the same way it is a good idea to set up initial consultations with more than one person to make sure that you find one that feels right in your heart, is affordable and makes sense in your head.

Any therapist, coach or supervisor should be willing to discuss their training, credentials, experience, and approach at no charge. If a therapist, coach or supervisor isn’t willing to do a ‘test drive’ I would avoid them.

Private Funding for Therapy, Life Coaching,  Supervision, or Training
All fees are set on a sliding scale, compassionately based on income level. Prior to working together, we would discuss & agree a fee that felt affordable &  fair to both of us.

Private Insurance for Life Coaching
Unfortunately at the present time, Private Insurance is not available for Life Coaching services. I am hopeful this will change in future.

Private Insurance for Therapy
All major UK  private insurance is accepted. Fees vary depending on the agreement I have with the insurer. Please contact me if you would like to use private UK insurance. In this instance, please ask your insurer for a pre-authorization code for CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). In case you or your insurer are not aware, Compassion Focused Therapy is considered a ‘Third Wave Cutting Edge form of CBT’.

I accept the following: BUPA (UK): 30003691; BUPA (Global): 404009; AVIVA: 600081277; WPA: 920534382; AXA PPP: JM08186; CIGNA: 190700; PRUHEALTH: Registered Provider; (provider numbers are not given). Other Insurance: Please contact me to confirm if coverage is possible.

To set up an initial 30 minute meeting (no fee & no pressure)  please email me with your available dates and times or call me. .  or 07806565386