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Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is the latest cutting edge Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) at its best. Clients often see dramatic changes in their lives in a very short period of time.

Traditionally CBT & CFT were only accessible to those who had a diagnosable mental health condition, which unnecessarily excluded a large segment of the population from having access to these life changing transformative tools.

For the first time, Compassion Focused Coaching (CFC) allows the best of CBT & CFT to be offered as part of Life Coaching services. As a trained Life Coach, I have integrated the best of CFT, CBT & Coaching.

Whether offered as a psychological therapy or as part of coaching, a compassion focused approach can be thought of as a  ‘Physio for the Mind’ or a ‘Personal Mind/ Heart Trainer’ which incorporates the best of the old with the best of the new.

OLD = timeless, tried and tested practices including mindfulness, breath training, and imagery practices which have helped fellow human beings and our human ancestors for thousands of years.

NEW = applied understanding of the latest neuroscience, evidence based practice and scientifically informed.  CFT & CFC are founded on an evolutionary understanding of what it means to be human, with an often difficult to manage human mind & teaches people how to become aware of the different ways their older brain (reptile, mammal and primate) and newer brain (human) interact.

CFT & CFC can teach you how to use your newer brain (also referred to as our ‘awareness’ or consciousness) to manage our older brain as well as some very old instinctual responses of fight / flight or freeze. Self (and other) compassion is a totally teachable skill that when practiced can transform individual lives, organizations, families and our world.

What makes my practice unique and distinct from other CFT, CBT & Life Coaching practices is that I also actively encourage movement as studies have repeatedly shown that moving our bodies is an extremely effective way to manage and overcome depression & anxiety (and often equally effective as medication without any known negative side effects).

My experience includes having worked at Imperial College as a Senior Student Counselor / CBT Therapist for over 3 years. Prior to this I held various Therapist & Supervisor posts in the NHS.

I also worked at MIND providing SupervisionTraining for trainee counsellors. I  was also the Clinical Skills Teaching Lead & Clinical Supervisor for trainee CBT therapists at the University of Reading.

For 12 years I maintained a thriving London based Private Practice in Hampstead, Canary Wharf Stratford.

I am  registered with the major private insurance companies in the UK. Please note that CBT & CFT are offered to UK and European based Clients, whilst CFC is available to clients worldwide. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Coaching,  Supervision & Training are offered through Encrypted (256 AEG) Video Conferencing Software.

I developed expertise in applying CBT & CFT in a time limited manner that generally consists of meeting with a client for a maximum of 5-10 sessions. In my 14 years of experience it is incredibly rare for me to see someone for more than 12 sessions.

I was and am continually astonished by the power of Compassion and how learning to ‘be on one’s own side’ can change one’s life in a very short period of time.  I hope the next life to be changed will be yours. 

In addition to being a fully qualified CFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer in the UK, I am also personally committed to Compassion practices. and aim to apply the principles and practices of CFT in my personal and professional life day by day.

I remain ever grateful for having found the road to self (and other) compassion. My life has personally and professionally been changed forever by compassion & I love sharing these life changing tools with those I have the privilege of working with.

If we agree to work together, please know that I will be fully committed to helping you learn to become your most compassionate version of yourself in as timely a manner as possible.

Please feel free to contact me today to set up a no pressure / no fee initial 25 minute consultation to see if working together could be helpful for you. or 07806565386